GPF12 Golf Rangefinder with Magnetic Strip

Golf Slope on/off

Pulse Vibration

High Transmittance > 90%


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30 Day

Money Back Guarantee

2 - Year Warranty

Any Distance at a Click of Button

A quick fire of the laser gives you the distance you need to
any objects on the golf course within 660 yards with a superior
within 1 yard accuracy. It provides enough distances to any golf
hole. Scan to get the distance to trees, bunkers, flagpoles,
or a lay-up point. Easy to use, with distances either in yards or

Slope on/off

legal for tournament play.
The slope function is not allowed to
be used in the game, just turn it off easily.

Elaborate Design

Crafted with anti-slip rubber with black matte color
and the precisely machined metal,delivering a feel
of exquisite & elegance

Rechargeable lithium battery

Powered by 1,000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery
that features low weight, up to 1,000 charging times,
high energy density, slower capacity loss and long
battery life.